The Ahenny White Gold Small Celtic Cross

The Ahenny White Gold Small Celtic Cross

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The Celtic Cross is known throughout the world as a symbol of Irish Heritage. Here, we consider the history and symbolism of these magnificent stone monuments

On any road trip around the beautiful Irish countryside you are likely to see a Celtic stone cross on your travels! Located in almost every one of the 32 counties, Celtic crosses are synonymous with Ireland and Irishness. These magnificent stone crosses are beautifully commemorated in jewelry and other decorative arts both ancient and modern.

This 9ct white gold is a very beautiful gold cross with lots of detail and meaning, The design and inspiration has been taken from the 4 Gospels.

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The Ossory group of high crosses are amongst the earliest examples of Celtic high crosses to be found in Ireland, with those in west Ossoryconsidered the oldest.

The west Ossory group of Celtic crosses includes Ahenny and Kilkieran – two kilometres south-east., Eight kilometres further south is Tibberaghny. Killamery High Cross eight kilometres north of Ahenny completes this close group: although Kilree High Cross sixteen miles north-east of Ahenny is often included.

Cross iconography

The Ahenny high crosses (National Monument #124) are early examples of Irish high crosses which still bear resemblance to their wooden predecessors. Celtic knotwork and bosses imitate in stone what a carved wooden cross would have looked like. One of the Ahenny crosses also bears a fine image of an Irish chariot, which along with other high crosses, was used as the main inspiration of a modern reconstruction