Ancient Castle Ruins In The Beautiful Irish Countryside

Ancient Castle Ruins In The Beautiful Irish Countryside

The Rock of Cashel was our second stop on a day trip between Dublin and Cork, Ireland. Cashel is about 86 miles south west of Dublin, or about 50 miles north east of Cork.

The Rock of Cashel is the ruins of a castle that was built around 1100 by the king of the area at the time. There is much to learn regarding the castle and the various events that took place at this important place in Irish history. It would be a good idea to learn of the history surrounding this site before going there, although, there are guided tours where most of the important details of the site are explained.

This is a very photogenic site for photography, and I found it best to get ahead of the group to get shots that didn’t have a lot of people in them that detracted from the photo. Our tour group had wireless earphones that allowed me to be away from the group and still listen to what the guide was saying.

In the small town of Cashel, there are a few gift shops and restaurants at the base of the hill, or rock that the castle is built on and well within walking distance.

We were fortunate to visit on a crystal clear day, and the castle and surrounding countryside were absolutely beautiful; it was definitely a highlight of our tour of the southern half of Ireland.

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